Not Sure Why 2 and 3 Star Reviews Dominate Your Business? Mystery Shoppers Tell All

Not Sure Why 2 and 3 Star Reviews Dominate Your Business? Mystery Shoppers Tell All - Field Agent Canada - Mystery Shoppers Canada

It’s not a pleasant experience to discover lacklustre reviews of your business. You work hard to keep things running smoothly, but if your customers aren’t as satisfied as they potentially could be, it may be time to find out exactly why. Mystery shoppers can shed light on this and more.


Why It Matters


The importance of online reviews is often misunderstood by business owners. It’s a common misconception, for instance, that they are only truly relevant to food service and retail businesses. In reality, no matter what kind of business you operate, online reviews are integral to how you are perceived both online and in your community. These days, they are increasingly relied upon by customers who are deliberating which business will best suit their needs. Furthermore, they often carry over into word-of-mouth conversations, such as when someone says, “the reviews for that place aren’t so good”. Their influence simply can’t be ignored.


Uncertainty in Performance


One of the most pivotal factors in the types of ratings and reviews you’re getting is the quality of your customer service. Even when you provide an excellent and reliable product or service, the experience that a client has of your business can make or break customer loyalty. In order to have this base covered, you can always double down on your efforts in training your employees to provide top-notch service. However, you can’t always be there to know with absolute certainty that those efforts are fully translating into the kind of experience that you need to secure those five-star reviews. Fortunately, there’s a solution to this kind of uncertainty.


A Shopper’s Insight


If there’s one time-tested method for this, it’s mystery shoppers. Not only do they engage with your business as any other customer would, they are also experienced in providing useful feedback to give you a ground-level view of how your business performs. Plus, when they’re screened properly, they will match your target demographics and give you data you can actually use. There are many different approaches to using secret shoppers, but the most thorough and dependable ones are those that are fully modernized. If you want to bump those reviews up a few stars, crowdsourcing and mobile research will empower you to make it happen!

Accurately and efficiently assessing the customer experience that your business provides is not as difficult as you may think. With the best mystery shoppers and the right tech on your side, you’ll find that the results you need are well within reach. Sign up with us today to learn more!


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