More Ways To Do Good and Drive Sales

A few weeks ago I blogged my thoughts on how the CPG / Retail industry could be more innovative with their support of local food banks through the Buy One, Give One promotion strategy.

Yesterday, I saw another interesting spin on the concept that could be used by our industry.

Women’s fashion retailer Jacob is currently running a program in conjunction with Goodwill, an organization that creates work opportunities and skills development for people facing barriers to employment – among them, persons with disabilities, youth at risk, the chronically unemployed, Aboriginal people and newcomers to Canada.

The idea is simple – bring in your used clothing and with each garment donated you will receive 25% off a new clothing item from Jacob.

With cold weather coming – imagine a partnership between saw a frozen pizza supplier and a grocer where consumers can donate a pair of gloves or socks to a local agency and then receive 25% off a pizza purchase.

Doing good and driving sales. Something that should be on all of our radars.


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