Market Visit Report: Superstore, Mississauga

Loblaw recently launched the opening of a pilot store in Mississauga, Ontario that is designed after the Asian T&T grocery chain Loblaw purchased in 2009 and Middle Eastern bakery, Arz Fine Foods, that Loblaw purchased last year.

Loblaw is mixing the idea of a premium experience combined with low prices, instead of the typical warehouse experience.

“Retail is as much about evolution as anything. If you stay in any one place for too long, you’ll be overtaken,” said Andrew Iacobucci, president, discount division, Loblaw Cos. Ltd.

The Argentia store features a roasted nut and dried fruit counter; a wider selection of ingredients used in Middle Eastern and Asian cuisine; an entire aisle of large-format rice; and Parle-G, a popular cookie manufactured in India.

More than 700 items have been added to the fresh selection, including produce, meat, baked goods, take-out meals, and sushi. There is also 28 feet of fish and seafood on ice, 18 tanks filled with live seafood and fish, an on-site pita bakery, and the Teppenyaki Grill, which sells T&T sushi.

Please view the full report here.


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