Market Visit Report: Ontario Grocery Beer Retailers

With the approval for the sale of beer in 58 grocery stores in Ontario starting on December 15th, there is considerable excitement around the first step in liberalising the sale of beer in Canada’s biggest province.

We wanted to see how the roll-out looks like at these stores and we deployed our team of 45,000 Agents who use their mobile devices to collect data at retail to give us a “virtual tour” of what these 58 stores look like. The photos that we gathered are shown on the pages that follow.

It is clear from what we saw that many stores have rushed to get selling before the holidays, with beer merchandised on end-cap displays instead of in-line sections in quite a few stores.

The front runner seems to be the Loblaw banners which had very good execution, but we also found many stores where beer was not yet available when our Agents visited the store.

This will be one of the most watched roll-outs since the launch of Target stores in Canada in 2014. If you need help in getting visibility on what is happening at store level, Field Agent can help you cover these stores for as little as $8.00 per store.

Download the full report here.


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