Market Visit Report: Back-To-School Merchandising

Market Visit Report – Back-To-School.key

The Back-To-School sale period is an important one for many retailers and usually starts in mid July and goes through to the early part of September. During this time, school supplies, office supplies, children’s and young adults’ clothing, and computers & related technology products go on sale.In recent years, spending on back-to-school items has been on the rise and there is no indication of a reversal of this trend. Last year, the Bank of Montreal (BMO) conducted a back-to-school survey that revealed that sales were expected to climb up to 4% during the back-to-school period.

The importance of post secondary education in Canada is on the rise and retailers can direct sales efforts related to back-to-school sales to accommodate this important aspect of our economy.

Last year, Paul Kyte, Vice President, Commercial Banking, Bank of Montreal stated, “With the back-to-school season in full-swing, many retailers that sell back-to-school supplies can expect to see a boost to their bottom line, as Canadian post-secondary students are expected to spend a significant amount of money before the start of the fall semester.”

Field Agent captured the current school supply market at some big retailers in this report.

Please click here to view the full report.


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