Market Visit Report: A Peak Inside Target Store One Week After Beginning Of Liquidation Sale

One of our field agents visited a Target store located in the southwest neighbourhood of Shawnessy in Calgary, Alberta eight days after the liquidation sale began.

This store had virtually cleared out its ladieswear section two days after the sale began but subsequently got another truck in with more clothing to fill the section again. Items that are 30% off appear to have sold faster than items that are 20% and 10% off regular price. Some of these items that are selling faster include cosmetics, sunglasses and jewelry. The staples food section is only 10% off but is virtually empty.

Target stores are being kept in the dark about which stores will get what merchandise from warehouses and how many trucks each store is expected to get. Stores are expected to mark down items according to what is selling and what is not selling.

Store employees have been given a final day of work of May 16th.

Please click here to view the report.


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