Mac’s Continues To Think Like A Supermarket

I was in my local Mac’s today to grab a sandwich and I had to do a double take on what I found in the cooler – fresh meat!

Yes! Fresh meat in a convenience store!

I have always thought that Mac’s / Couche Tard was an innovative retailer that thought outside its channel (like its frozen meal line-up)– and this new offering reinforces that impression.

The product was presented in unique packaging that was actually displayed hanging on a peg, which made it really stand out in-store.

This is NOT the mysterious, undated package of bologna from the Quick-E-Mart.

Prices were also pretty good. Regular retails are outlined below and Mac’s was offering a “buy one get the second one for 50% off” deal in-store.

Strips – $7.59
Rib eyes – $7.99
Stew – $6.49
Ground beef – $5.79
Chicken – $7.49
Pork chops – $4.95

The question is whether Mac’s can raise awareness among its shoppers to make them think of stopping at Mac’s on the way home from work to pick up chicken or steak for dinner vs. stopping at the supermarket.

Mac’s will be quicker than the supermarket – that’s for sure!


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