Loblaw Launches ‘Recipe To Riches’ To Fuel President’s Choice Innovation

Canadian primetime is about to be transformed with a new exciting and competitive cooking reality show. This week, we saw the debut episode of Recipe To Riches, which follows sixteen contestants on a quest to develop the best recipes in seven different categories.

As the sponsor of the show, Loblaw is about to enter a new arena for its President’s Choice private label brand.  The launch of Recipe To Riches comes just on the heels of an announcement by Loblaw earlier this month, that it plans to extend its President’s Choice brand by adding a new line of fine food products called black label.  The decision by Loblaw to sponsor Recipe to Riches demonstrates a continued innovation focus for the retail giant.

During its first week, the show announced Glo McNeill, from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, as its first winner in the sweet pudding and pies category. Her winning recipe, luscious lemon pudding, was made available for purchase at Loblaw stores across the country on Saturday.

Recipe To Riches, as the name implies, is served up with all the glamour that US reality television show series usually possess. In addition, it also possesses the popular cooking dimension that viewers seems to love, as evidenced by Top Chef Canada.  This combination of food recipes and glitz and glamour may prove to be a winning combination for local sponsor Loblaw, as it braces itself to provide immediacy of purchase to viewers of the winning recipes that are aired on television over the upcoming weeks.

The show will be hosted by former star of the hit Bachelor reality series Jesse Palmer. A panel of experts will include Laura Calder, host of French Food And Home, Tony Chapman, founder and CEO of leading advertising agency Capital C and Dana McCauley, culinary director for Janes Family Foods.

Each week, contestants will compete in one of seven food categories including, sweet pudding and pies, cakes, appetizers, savoury pies, sweet and savoury snacks, frozen treats and entrees.  A panel of experts will judge each segment, with help from Galen Weston, executive chairman of Canada’s largest grocery chain, Loblaw Foods. The winner of each segment will receive $25,000.  Then they will go on to compete in the season finale for the grand prize of $250,000, the largest ever in a Canadian reality television show series.

Viewers will be able to purchase category winners’ items in Loblaw stores starting the weekend after each episode airs. Once all category winners are announced, the winners’ recipes will be transformed into the next President’s Choice product available for purchase at select Loblaw stores across the country.  These recipes follow the well-known formats of the President’s Choice Blue Menu label.

The President’s Choice brand is no stranger to innovation. In fact, as far back as 1983, the brand has been developing innovative products featured in the Insiders Report.  This report comes out three times a year, displaying the newest President’s Choice products on the market.

Loblaw is continuing its innovative focus through the sponsorship of Recipe To Riches.  It is the first of its kind for the company.  It is interesting to see a private label like President’s Choice put so much focus on innovation to support its own private label.  The company is making a bold step to develop the President’s Choice brand by acting as a real marketer.  Historically, this has been accomplished by national brands instead of private label brands.

The sponsorship of Recipe To Riches continues to further innovation for Loblaw.  As such, both national brands and other retailers have a new gold standard to strive towards.


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