Keeping Score on Retail Out-of-Stocks

Here at Field Agent Canada we get to see inside thousands of stores each and every week. Based on this unprecedented visibility, we have identified out-of-stocks / on-shelf availability as the most pressing issue facing retailers and suppliers alike.

To gauge the extent of the problem, we audited 200 stores across Canada in the hours before the Super Bowl kick-off to see what the issue was like in the Potato Chips category.

This category has high demand leading up to the big game, is well promoted and also has lots of secondary / out-of-section display to support the sales lift.

We audited the main section at a range of supermarkets, drug stores, convenience stores and supercentres to get a read on the issue.

The results are shocking, but not surprising. Let us show you the extent of the out-of-stock problem that is resulting in lost sales and customer frustration in stores across Canada.

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