Is Your Sales Group Working Like a Professional Team?

Do you get the impression that your sales people are working as a group of individuals vs. one unified team?

Do you see best practices scattered around your sales group but not being widely used across the organization?

In order to win, the best teams in sports or business have a playbook that captures the best plays that are proven to improve their chances of success.

Watching the current Cinderella run by the Montreal Canadiens proves to me that an average team can do anything when they rally around a cause and work together as one to execute their playbook flawlessly.

SINS is currently completing a playbook program for a major player in the CPG / Retail industry and we want to bring this professional edge to your organization.

Annual planning for 2011 is already underway. Will your sales organization have a clear playbook to help them deliver profitable and sustainable growth next year?

For more details on how we can help you – download our SINS Playbook Overview.


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