Instant Video: A Look at Walmart’s New Grocery “ATM”

Just last week, retail-auditing firm Field Agent published footage of Amazon’s snazzy, new grocery-pickup stations in Seattle.

Not to be outdone, Walmart followed the AmazonFresh unveiling with a revelation of its own: The nation’s largest grocer is currently testing a 20-by-80-foot grocery-pickup kiosk outside Store #622 in Oklahoma City.

This grocery “ATM” reportedly holds up to 30,000 items and can deliver groceries within 60 seconds.

In addition to the cutting-edge pickup facility, Walmart is presently experimenting with several other sophisticated retail technologies, including a giant BOPUS machine and a new “scan-and-go” app.

Earlier this week, Field Agent sent five agents to capture video of Walmart’s latest grocery tech.

Agents began by purchasing at least $30 of groceries at and designating the order for pickup at the new kiosk. Field Agent required agents to buy at least one fresh fruit or vegetable.

See full report here.


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