Inside The Mind of the Shopper

Originally Posted in August 2009

I picked up a fabulous book for vacation reading this summer which was recommended in July’s Canadian Grocer (coincidentally, I also had a column in that issue).

Inside the Mind of the Shopper by Herb Sorensen is an interesting look into the shopper research that he has conducted over the last 40 years with major CPG suppliers and retailers all over the world.

It is filled with lots of fun facts and talking points that would be great for any Key Account Manager to be able to speak to when in front of the customer.

An example:

What is the most common number of items purchased in a supermarket?

One. When you look at all the transactions that take place in a supermarket the number of items that is most common basket size is one single unit.

I definitely recommend picking this one up if you are a KAM or particularly if you are involved in any sort of Cat Man project.

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