In Memoriam: Safeway Club Card


We have learned that as part of the merger of Sobeys and Safeway that an institution of Western Canadian retail will be eliminated on April 4th, 2014.

The Safeway Club Card will no longer be accepted at Safeway locations nor will shoppers need to recite their phone number for the cashier in order to get the discounted prices on promotional products.

The program will be replaced with a marketing program called “Card Free Savings”. This is likely the first steps in a combined and co-ordinated promotional flyer strategy across Safeway, Sobeys and Thrifty banners.

The Safeway Club Card is a loyalty card that people have an affection towards in Western Canada. Day-to-day, you needed it almost more than you needed a drivers licence.

It will be very weird to have the self-checkout not ask you (in a very passive aggressive way) “Have you scanned your Club Card?” or not ramble a long lost phone number to the clerk at the checkout. End of an era indeed.


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