In Case You Missed It: Our Top 10 Stories Of Q1 2011

The first quarter of 2011 has been an exciting one with lots of big changes including the long awaited announcement of Target’s move into Canada, major changes at Loblaw and the disbanding of the CCGD.

We have also had a tremendous response to our Market Visit Reports from Minneapolis (Target), Paris (Carrefour), Southern California & Singapore.

Enjoy this quick flashback to Q1 2011.

  1. SINS Predicts Target’s Canadian Store List
  2. Major Organizational Changes at Loblaw
  3. SINS Market Visit Reports
  4. Five Points to Consider About The Zellers / Target Deal
  5. CCGD Shuts Down – Some Members Join RCC
  6. Katz Group / Jean Coutu – Canada’s Next Big Merger?
  7. New Loblaw President Has Global Experience
  8. Safeway Milks Its Canadian Cash Cow
  9. Live From CCGD West 2011
  10. Target’s Canadian Boss Zeros In On Acquisition

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