How to Know for Certain Your Product Placement is On Brand

Countless factors influence the sale of your products in retail stores, but few are as pivotal as placement. Optimizing your sales is often a numbers game, but as you’re aware, success also depends significantly on the strength of your brand. So how do these two elements intersect?

The Importance of Smart Placement

Grabbing the attention of consumers and maximizing the probability of a sale can be something of a science. Sometimes it’s about wow factor, while other times it’s about details and precision. There’s plenty of research supporting the fact that center-shelf and eye-level products sell better on the whole, as well as the key insight that shoppers tend to direct their shelf-browsing gaze in the same way that we read: from left to right. However, there’s also the issue of what role the placement of your displays and demos will play in the shopper’s overall experience of the store. These are just a few of many essential considerations.

Your Brand, Your Voice

You’re probably tuned into the fact that both product placement and branding are important as individual sales-driving elements, but they blend into one another in ways that may surprise you. For instance, a consistent execution of your placement strategy across all retail locations is well worth solidifying. Why? Because it’s directly linked with the consistency of your brand. In addition, poor placement and inadequate stocking don’t simply reduce the possibility of a sale at that moment alone; they adversely affect brand awareness in a way that lingers for the consumer. Your brand is your voice as a company, and placement is a core part of it!

A Powerful Resource

You can’t always be there yourself to ensure that your products are being placed and presented exactly in accordance with your brand and your strategy. The good news is that the technologies available to us today make this issue far easier to contend with. Paying close attention to merchandising compliance is critical if you want to get those sales numbers where they need to be, but not all approaches to assessing and optimizing compliance are created equal. An auditing system built around excellent data management and the legwork of smart, attentive secret shoppers is without a doubt your most powerful option.

Our Field Agents are ready to track every key element of compliance for your in-store products so that you have a detailed picture of performance at the ground level. Not only this, but they’ll be equipped with the most sophisticated auditing tools available. Contact us to learn more today!


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