How Shopper Marketers are Using Crowdsourcing To Ensure They Get The Execution They Paid For

Over the past few years, we have observed the level of retail execution decline as stores become busier but are asked to do more with less labour inputs.

This lack of focus on flawless execution is bad for the retailer, bad for the shopper and bad for the supplier as well.

With millions of dollars being shifted into paying for promotional displays, space in-store and the execution of these promotions – is anyone being held accountable?

Imagine your Marketing department producing a TV spot, writing a cheque for a couple of million dollars and then not doing any sort of monitoring of whether the ad actually runs when and where it supposed to. That’s the role of media buying agencies – ensuring execution and maximizing ROI.

At retail, the execution rate is a black hole for most suppliers and retailers. An anecdotal survey of stores on your weekend grocery trip is a small sample from which to gauge your ROI. What about that store in North Bay, ON or Edmonton, AB?

Suppliers and retailers are now using crowdsourcing options like Field Agent to give them visibility on execution at store level. We can cover 80% of stores (or more) in a weekend and give you true read on execution on Monday morning for as little as $8.00 per store. A small investment compared to the funds spent on display materials, flyer space and store space, not to mention the lost sales opportunity of not having a promotion properly executed.

We were recently featured in a Shopper Marketing magazine article titled “Compliance and Beyond” that shows how crowdsourcing apps are playing a key role in monitoring in-store execution of shopper marketing programs.

Take a read and feel free to reach us anytime at or 403.966.7467 to discuss how we can help you!


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