How Mobile Is Performing And Holiday Shopping Insights: Study

Most people are walking around with mobile devices and using them in many different ways in the retail environment. A Canadian shopper study by Brandspark at Mobile Personas revealed that there are approximately 13.5 million Canadians walking around with mobile devices in tow. Of these, approximately one third are mobile moms aged 25-54, one third are millennial aged 18-29 and just over 1/3 are men aged 25-54.

Apple and Android are the two main competitors that share approximately 90% of the operating system market. These two companies are poised for strong and consistent growth.

Mobile has transformed the retail industry and now well over 70% of all shoppers are using their smartphones for shopping. This number is expected to rise as shoppers continue to experiment and learn new ways of shopping that were never possible before. For example, shoppers can now go online and price check an item they are interested in buying in order to find the cheapest alternative.


The top reasons consumer’s use their mobile’s in-store include price comparing, checking coupons, looking for product reviews and accessing deals and promotions. Survey respondents revealed the top ranked reasons to use mobile devices in stores.


Mobile is more often used in large categories with an abundance of choices and competition. The most popular categories consumers use their mobile devices for include electronics, food & beverage, books, movies & music, video games, appliances, personal care & beauty and health products.

A minority of Canadians is using their phones to make payments. This is an area that has growth potential in the market. Mobile men and millennial feel significantly more secure in using their mobile phones to make payments compared to mobile moms.

The big five banks in Canada process the highest number of mobile phone payments (52%), followed by major credit card providers (50%), PayPal (40%), Interact (32%) and Apple Pay (18%). There is no clear leader of the pack.

One niche market that has recently developed is that of wireless-enabled wearable devices such as smart watches or activity trackers. The wearable’s market is driven by health and fitness. Survey results revealed that men and millennial are more likely to wear these devices compared to moms.

Apple Watch and Samsung Gear are expected to lead the pack in wearable’s that consumers are expected to buy.


This holiday season, the new Apple iPhone 6.0 will be a hot device on Christmas shopping lists. Other popular technological holiday products will include the Samsung S5, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the Samsung Gear S.

The holidays are always one of the most profitable times of the year for retailers and they will need to find ways to leverage mobile in order to win over holiday shoppers. Companies that truly embrace mobile and provide consumers with extensive product information and choices will have a more successful holiday season.


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