Having Difficulties Getting Your Retailer Partner to Share Data?

Originally Posted in October 2009

One truth in today’s world of advanced POS systems and loyalty cards such as SDM’s Optimum and the Safeway Club Card is that in most cases retailers have a much better understanding of shopper behavior than most CPG firms.

The challenge is to convince retailers to share the sensitive information they collect with you as a supplier. You could then use it to grow sales and profitability in the category through joint business planning, shopper marketing and category management projects.

Unfortunately, this information has become a nice revenue stream for many retailers who have noted its value to CPG suppliers and have priced it out of range of all but the biggest of players.

But how do you convince your retail partner to be more collaborative in sharing this information?

This report may help:


Given that many of you are in annual business planning at this very moment the release of this report could not be timed better.


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