Has Spring Sprung Across Canada?

Has Spring Sprung Across Canada? You be the judge. Our Field Agents visited select Canadian Tire, Costco, Home Depot, Kent, Lowe’s, Reno-Depot, Rona, Loblaw and Walmart stores across Canada to see how far stores have come thus far in introducing spring products and garden centre items.

Field Agents spotted various plants, lawnmowers, BBQs, patio furniture, seeds, soil, fertilizer and other products. Outdoor garden centres are underway at varying speeds in different locations as stores are starting to make way for more outdoor and garden items.

British Columbia experiences a warmer climate than other Canadian provinces and flowers appear to be in full bloom in this part of the country.

According to Sonia Day of the Toronto Star, Canadians are looking for more native plants and more flowers for birds and bees to pollinate. They are also looking for more container annuals that require little watering, more seeds and started plants of gourmet vegetables, more garden furniture and decor made from wood and more environmentally friendly products.

Other trends include fairy gardening, smooth and flowing landscape lines and an increasing consumer interest in flower and vegetable gardening.

Competition is fierce and those vendors that provide beautiful and healthy plants at the right price will win over other vendors. Customers in this market are price sensitive and value good prices.

Greenhouses across the country have been busy getting prepared for this busy time of year, which ‘officially’ kicks off planting season on or after May long weekend. But, not all greenhouses fared the winter well. Farmer Clem’s in Nova Scotia is closing most of its garden centres in after the harsh winter and heavy snowfall caused extensive damage to stores.

As the days get longer and warmer keep an eye out for more garden products in local stores and get a head start now if you desire!

If you have products in Outdoor Living, Lawn & Garden or other spring seasonal products we would love to help you get visibility on what is happening at retail.

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