Game Day Brand Wars 2017

During this evening’s Super Bowl broadcast, Field Agent Canada surveyed 798 households during their Super Bowl viewing party in our third annual Game Day Brand Wars survey.

This year we explored three aspects of the Super Bowl viewing experience:

  1. Did Canadian audience watch the big game on the Canadian feed (CTV) or US feed (FOX)?
  2. What were Canadians eating and drinking while they watched the game?
  3. Where did Ontario viewers purchase the beer that was consumed while watching the game?

“It was amazing to have our Agents across Canada take us inside their Super Bowl parties this evening.”, stated Jeff Doucette, General Manager of Field Agent Canada. “It is great to be able to give the industry an initial read on consumer behaviour during one of the most important marketing events of the year.”

Thanks to a recent CRTC ruling, this was the first year that Canadians could choose which television feed, and more importantly which stream of Super Bowl commercials, they would show at their Super Bowl party. When we closed our survey at the end of the Half Time Show, 36% of respondents indicated that they were watching the FOX feed from the United States.

“No doubt that this will challenge the economics of Super Bowl advertising in Canada, as Canadian advertisers will be reaching fewer eyeballs if this ruling stands moving forward.” noted Doucette.

When it comes to snacks and beverages the winners were: Lays (17% of Salty Snacks), Coca-Cola (28% of Carbonated Soft Drinks) and Coors Light (10% of Beer). “These big brands are the big winners of the Super Bowl with big time sales in supermarkets and liquor stores across Canada this weekend!” exclaimed Doucette.

This was also the second Super Bowl where beer was available for sale in supermarkets in Ontario. We uncovered that supermarkets accounted for just 8% of trips to buy beer in preparation for the big game, which is down from 11% in our 2016 survey. “It appears that beer purchases at Supermarkets have plateaued as the novelty has worn off after more than a year in market.” observed Doucette.

This type of survey showcases how Field Agent can gather time-sensitive and business relevant insights from Canadian consumers through its best in class mobile research platform. Consumers and shoppers can be reached 24/7 via their mobile device and the Field Agent app and can complete surveys In-Home, In-Store or literally anywhere else you may want to reach them.

Download the full report here.


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