Game Day Brand Wars 2016

The Big Game is Big Business for quite a few companies, especially in game day food categories such as Snacks, Soft Drinks and Beer. January sees massive in-store displays being built for both official sponsors and unofficial sponsors of the Big Game alike.

Last night during the Big Game we asked Canadians which brands of Salty Snacks, Carbonated Soft Drinks and Beer that they were serving at their Big Game party. We now have national and regional results that were collected only a few short hours ago!

“It was a lot of fun to have our Agents across Canada show us what they were eating and drinking at their get-togethers last night!”, stated Jeff Doucette, General Manager of Field Agent Canada. “The results are really interesting across the board!”

Compared with last year, we see that Lay’s won the most purchases in Salty Snacks, however we saw a good surge in sales of Tostitos which overtook Doritos in all regions except Atlantic Canada.

In Carbonated Soft Drinks, Coca-Cola was the top brand, however we did see Pepsi close the gap slightly vs. last year. Potentially Pepsi’s sponsorship of the big game is winning the hearts of football fans in Canada.

Looking at the Beer category we see that Coors Light maintained a slight lead as the most purchased beer among respondents. Of interest is that Bud Light has pulled within just a hair of Coors Light vs. last year. Again, sponsorship of the NFL / Super Bowl may be having the desired impact among NFL fans.

This was also the first Super Bowl where Beer was available for sale in supermarkets in Ontario. We uncovered that supermarkets accounted for 11% of trips to buy beer in preparation for the big game.


This type of survey showcases how Field Agent can gather time-sensitive and business relevant insights from Canadian consumers through its best in class mobile research platform. Consumers and shoppers can be reached 24/7 via their mobile device and the Field Agent app and can complete surveys In-Home, In-Store or literally anywhere else you may want to reach them. Agents respond to a wide range of question types and can also provide Audio, Video and Photo responses; allowing them to “show and tell” you what they are seeing, thinking and feeling anywhere along the path to purchase!


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