• Market Research

    Now that consumers have a greater variety in what they can eat and how they can access their food, we can help you keep up with all of the latest trends. We find out if consumers want an updated menu, food brought to their door, or more.

  • Audits

    It’s more important than ever to understand how your food preparation, presentation, and delivery process impacts consumers. We’ll audit and observe everything from a restaurant experience to the results of a delivery.

  • Mystery Shoppers

    Your food service company has the opportunity to garner the knowledge and insights of our local Canadian mystery shoppers! They are in your area and eager to start tasting your incredible meals.


Crowdsourced Insights for Restaurants, Catering, and Food Delivery

With real-time data at the “point of influence” and from the stomachs of your consumers, you can’t miss out on these opportunities.

Leverage our Canadian Field Agents to conduct concept testing, new menu item analysis, and localized research. There is no faster or more affordable way to start gathering information to take your food service to the next level than with our crowdsourced field agents. Affordable market research can start immediately, assessed and presented by our leading‑edge systems!

  • Insights while they’re still enjoying your food through our app.
  • Utilize reviews, surveys, and engagement with your community.
  • Data is evaluated against GPS markers, photo/video verification, and more.
  • Receive real-time analytics with your own dashboard, client portal, and custom reports.
  • Assured privacy and security for your business’s personal data.

Introducing Field Agent Canada

Hi, I’m Jeff Doucette, director of Field Agent Canada.

Field Agent boast 95% population coverage in Canada, where cellular services are available.Our secret shoppers can deliver the audit, research and rich media in near real-time.

The Best Coverage Available

From coast to coast we have been providing access to our crowd sourced agents since 2010.We provide mystery shopping services across Canada as well as 9 other countries.

Affordable Cost

We use the most advanced applications and crowd sourced pool of secret shoppers.We have literally disrupted the mystery shopping industry by making brick and mortar offices unnecessary. Using technology, including GPS tracking, we are able to return audits in near real-time to our clients.

Amazing Speed

Expect hours or days for results to start rolling in from our secret shoppers.Mobile technology, gps tracking, built in cameras and the ability to record both audio and video… all at a fraction of the cost of traditional mystery shopping.

My Roots are In Retail

As a retail consultant for nearly 20 years I have worked with many of the large product brands. I know retail – period.

I do truly hope that you will give us the opportunity to provide you with a demonstration of our system and reports. Why not reach out today and I am happy to share our methodologies with you.

Sincerely Yours
Mr. Jeff Doucette,
Director, Field Agent Canada