Get a Strategic Advantage with Our Find & Fix Program

Get a Strategic Advantage with Our Find & Fix Program - Field Agent Canada - Mystery Shoppers Canada

You want to ensure the best possible performance of your products in-store. However, exercising timely and effective quality control isn’t easy, especially when you have limited staff, resources, and budget. Our Find & Fix program offers a solution that any brand can utilize.


A Universal Challenge


Getting an accurate ground-level look at the in-store execution of your merchandise is essential if you want to drive incremental sales. How exactly you can attain this insight is a challenge facing virtually every brand in the CPG industry. Different brands experience different degrees of difficulty in this regard, but the truth is that not everyone has the manpower or capital to have a fleet of merchandising personnel audit the countless stores selling your products. Even if you do, would you continue to carry out these auditing operations in a traditional manner if you knew there were a more cost and time-efficient way of doing so? We think it’s safe to say you would!


Finding and Fixing


It may be a product display that was set up improperly, poor stocking of your items, pricing errors, or issues with placement and planogram execution. There are plenty of ways in which a retail store isn’t quite doing your products the justice they deserve, and our Find & Fix program is designed to quickly address them all. Each of our field agents across the country will be able to carry out immediate and thorough audits within the retail locations near them, using our fully modernized mobile auditing tools to deliver the data you need. Once this initial pass is complete, professionally trained merchandisers will visit the retail locations where adjustments are needed.


Why It Works


Unlike traditional auditing approaches, our Find & Fix program makes use of sophisticated mobile app development to allow for instantaneous collection and organization of data, including in-store images. Further, field agents are local to the retail locations they audit and comprise a sizeable network, which means maximum time-efficiency for you. Last but not least, professional merchandisers are only sent to where they’re needed, sparing you the unnecessary expense of sending them to locations where changes in execution may not be necessary. When you want data that will help you boost sales and loyalty, Find & Fix is just the solution you need.


Are you ready to implement our Find & Fix strategy? Field Agent has been a leading name in the consumer goods industry, helping brands across the U.S. and Canada maximize their sales and create better customer experiences. Give us a call at 1 (888) 802-2559 to learn more today!


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