Field Agent’s Back To School Barometer

School bells will be ringing right around the corner with children returning to classes over the next couple of weeks. With Back-To-School being one of the most important selling periods for retailers and their suppliers, we wanted to see not only how much Canadian Moms are planning to spend but also how far along in their shopping journey they are at the moment.
On Saturday morning we polled over 200 Canadian Moms and they told us that they are only about half-way complete with Moms having completed just 53% their Back-To-School shopping on average. Based on this we expect a busy couple of weeks at Canadian retailers as Moms work to get ready for the big day.
We also decided to take a unique look at how much Canadian Moms are spending per child based on which grade level the child will be entering in September.
As we see in the chart above, Moms spend the most on children in the Junior High years (Grades 7 to 9) with a total average planned spending of $438.23. Planned spending on Elementary (K-6) and High School (10-12) students is almost equal at $352.32 and $347.97 per child respectively.
In addition we looked at three major categories:

  1. Clothing,
  2. School Supplies
  3. Food Products

The charts below show the average planned spending per child by category, split by grade level. Clothing is by far the biggest proportion of Back-To-School spending accounting for more than half of planned spending across all age groups.
Field Agent will continue to monitor this group of Moms over the next two weekends to see their progress in conquering the Back-To-School list and see just how much they actually do spend per child vs. their planned spending.
Stay tuned!


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