Field Agent’s 2015 Cough, Cold & Flu Report

Cough, Cold and Flu season is upon us once again and Field Agent recently surveyed 200 mothers from across Canada to understand consumer attitudes and behaviours as to how they prevent, treat and shop for products to help keep their families healthy.

While only 39% of moms said that they would get a flu shot this year, we found that 56% of moms would be buying OTC medications and 54% would be buying Vitamins in order to get prepared for the season.

Being prepared for cold, cough & flu season is important as three quarters of families experience 3 or more colds in a year and life does not slow down for those who are sick. In fact, just 35% of moms surveyed said that they would be able to stay home, rest and get better when they catch a cold.

Beyond OTC categories, cough, cold & flu season represents a significant opportunity for Household Cleaning brands as moms first line of defence in preventing the spread of a cold from one family member to another is more cleaning and disinfection. Antibacterial products should be a key part of merchandising in-store at this time of year along side cough, cold and flu products.

When cough, cold and flu strike, moms use several different OTC medicines with the key brands being Tylenol, Advil and DayQuil / NyQuil. Shoppers Drug Mart / Pharmaprix was the preferred retailer for cough, cold and flu needs for 45% of moms while Walmart placed second being the preferred retailer for 27% of moms.

For this cough, cold and flu season be sure you are prepared to best serve Dr. Mom by providing practical solutions through in-store merchandising. Encourage PREVENTION through products like vitamins, immunity boosters and hand sanitizers and make shopping for TREATMENT & RECOVERY easy by merchandising OTC Medications, Tissues and Disinfecting Cleaners in one place that will allow moms to “grab and go”.

Read the whole report here.


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