Field Agent Turns 5 Years Old!

In 2010, Field Agent launched the first app that paid cash to individuals for submitting location based information from their smart devices. Five years later, Field Agent has expanded organically through its Agent base and exponentially with its quality service and results to clients. Today, Field Agent announces its strategic expansion in Eastern Europe through Romania.

Field Agent provides visibility and insights for companies of all sizes, performing audits and market intelligence collection by crowdsourcing data via smart devices from everyday consumers who have downloaded the app, aka Agents. Although, innovation and technology is a significant part of how the organization operates, it was built on a business model that helps clients solve problems at retail and is now expanding to different industries both domestically and internationally.

Field Agent is currently operating in eight countries and growing. The company launched their first three countries within the first year and has been strategically expanding since then. Field Agent has operations in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and now, Romania.

“We’re very excited to announce our launch into Eastern Europe through Romania this week and expansion to more countries as we enter South America and Africa over the next few months. By the end of the year, Field Agent will have expanded to five continents (North America, Europe, Australia, South America and Africa) in just five years. Since launching Field Agent in 2010, we’ve grown tremendously primarily due to our decades of experience in the consumer packaged goods industry and our understanding of market research. We take pride in delivering the best-in-class quality data and insights and are ecstatic to share it with the world,” said Henry Ho, Co-Founder and Chief Business Development Officer at Field Agent.

Field Agent credits a lot of its success to their Agents. They are the eyes and ears of the business and ensure Field Agent’s clients see inside stores or at any location that has cellular access across Canada. The company has grown its Agent base organically and last week reached their goal of 500,000 Agents in the United States (more than 700,000 worldwide) just a week before their 5th birthday. Agents whose completed jobs are approved get paid cash through PayPal.

“Agents are the lifeblood of what we do and we couldn’t do it without them. We’re proud to say that we’re serving not only clients but also everyday people who use our app to make a few extra dollars to help them pay their cell phone bill or utility bills or just a fun way to make money towards taking a family vacation, just to name a few,” said Rick West, Co-Founder and CEO.

Through a combination of technology and industry expertise, Field Agent has become an industry-leading mobile market research provider that’s faster and more affordable than the competition. Today the company has served thousands of unique clients ranging from a “Who’s Who” of Fortune 500 companies to small business owners across a broad spectrum of industries.

About Field Agent

Field Agent leverages its crowdsourced network to connect business people with quality information anywhere across the globe. The company disrupts the fundamental way in which the world collects business information. Used by some of the largest retailers and well-known consumer packaged goods companies, the company’s proprietary mobile research tool provides data and insights to inform decision-makers on a variety of topics. Follow Field Agent® on LinkedIn and Twitter to stay up-to-date with current projects and research materials. For examples and more information on consumer surveys, in-store audits and mobile research, please visit


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