Field Agent E-Newsletter Signs Off. Thanks for the memories!

For almost eight years, we have been publishing our weekly e-newsletter and we have loved keeping you informed on what is happening in the Retail / CPG / Foodservice space in Canada.

Over that time, we have published almost 400 editions and we have covered a lot of stories ranging from the launch of No Frills outside of Ontario in 2010; to the purchase of Zellers by Target; to Target’s untimely demise in Canada; Sobeys’ purchase of Safeway; Loblaws purchase of SDM; and most recently, the end of Sears Canada.

In fact, our second edition contained an opinion piece about the struggles of Sears Canada that resonates very well today. We were ahead of our time, I guess.

Our industry has changed a lot over those eight years and we hope we helped you stay on top of all those developments.

When we started our e-newsletter was one of a kind in Canada. Over the past few years, there has been a proliferation of daily e-newsletters launched in Canada and they are a great source of market info.
If you are looking for a great replacement, I would suggest the Retail Insider E-Newsletter which is my favourite and covers all the events on a daily basis.

We will still be keeping track of the news and you can also follow our curated newsfeed on Flipboard – a great way to get news fast!
Retail & CPG News
Foodservice / QSR / FSR News
From time-to-time, we will continue to bring you punctual items on a one-off basis as we produce insightful reports about what is happening in our industry. We hope you will stay subscribed so we can stay in touch!
Thanks for your readership! It’s been a blast! Stay in touch…


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