Exciting Easter Products This Year

Remember when Easter just used to be about bunnies and hollow eggs with your name written on them? Easter merchandise has come a long way and there are many interesting Easter products out on store shelves.

Most stores already have a great selection of Easter merchandise and our field agents went out to Wal-Mart, Superstore, Shoppers Drug Mart and Sobeys to view the latest Easter products.

Some of the products our field agents found are new on the shelves this year and there is also a new trend in Easter products appearing this year. The latest Easter product trend is the creation of different products that may be hidden for the traditional Easter egg hunt.


This end display of chocolate bunnies and kinder eggs is directly across from the front checkouts. Some different bunny flavours include Mr. Cookie, Mr. Munchy and Mr. Caramel.


Superstore sells many different Easter products from major suppliers like Hershey, Cadbury and Lindt.


These Lindt bunnies make an eye-catching display with sheer quantity and visual appeal.


Shoppers Drug Mart

Shoppers Drug Mart is selling a wide selection of Easter products located just inside the store entrance. The company sells Easter treats and presents such as a wide assortment of baskets and plush.


Shoppers Drug Mart sells its own line of Carnaby Sweet seasonal Easter products. These two innovative sets are designed as a tool kit and a makeup kit with attractive packaging.


Hide-me Easter smarty’s boxes are marketed to give customers the idea of using these for the traditional Easter egg hunt.


Cute farmyard friends with smarties inside in a barn-shaped box.


The Ferrero easter bunny shaped container is a touch of classic elegance with tasty Ferrero chocolates.


A mix of Cadbury eggs in this pouch include the popular crème egg and the caramilk egg.



Hockey is a popular Canadian sport and hockey-themed chocolates can be found at Walmart like these NHL chocolate mini pucks featuring all 30 NHL teams.


Large Cadbury eggs with mini eggs and crème eggs within sit featured in a centre store aisle.


Hide-me smarties eggs entice customers to buy this product for easter egg hunts.


This innovative box features different treats customers can use for eggs hunts. Plastic eggs are also supplied. Different products include nerds, laffy taffy and sweetarts.


Waterbridge has created an Easter hunt chocolate kit. Various Easter chocolates can be hidden for Easter hunts.



This attractive display of Ferrerro bunnies and mini eggs next to the checkouts is sure to entice customers to buy Easter chocolate early.


Cadbury crème eggs and mini eggs in sleek tubes can easily fit into Easter baskets. These tubes share an end cap with Hershey’s kisses incorporating spring-looking packaging.


There are many interesting Easter products to choose from this year and these products will start selling more and more as the Easter holiday approaches.

If you need to check out Easter merchandising in more detail Field Agent would be happy to help!


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