Did Your Product Display Get Set Up to Specification?

The products you sell are the most fundamental representation of what you offer as a business, but there’s more to you than that. For instance, everything about your brand can be personified by your in-store product displays. How do you know that your retailers are getting them right?

Making an Impression

When a consumer enters a retail store, they are faced with a high concentration of visual information. Even if they are focused on seeking out a particular type or brand or item, thousands of products surround them at all times. The question of how to make your products stand out can be answered with the use of displays, but you’re far from being the only company with product displays in retail stores. Displays are as varied and numerous as the products themselves, so if you want to stand out from the noise, your display has to meet all of the right visual and strategic criteria to make the strongest impression possible.

Quality Control

As someone whose products maintain a presence in multiple retail locations, you certainly understand the importance of making an impression with the displays that house those products in store. That being said, when it comes to ensuring that displays are set up precisely to specification, it’s all too common for vendors to underestimate just how involved the process of quality control should be. If you allow the accuracy, consistency, and overall presentation of your displays to fall beneath your radar, the sale of your products and the respectability of your brand are guaranteed to suffer for it. This is where the right auditing system comes into play.

Total Peace of Mind

With so many vendors and display specifications to account for, it’s unfortunate but not surprising that some displays will be improperly executed, placed, or maintained by retailers. Even if the display itself is in great shape and up to par, they may be modified or moved to satisfy other logistical or organizational needs. You’ll never know unless you have data on your displays that is accurate, up-to-date, well-organized, and in the right quantities. Secret shoppers equipped with precision mobile-based auditing tools can give you exactly this, securing the peace of mind that you and your company deserve!

Field Agent Canada strives to fully modernize and streamline the way companies conduct market research and audit the performance of their products and client experiences. From visual data like photos and video to price checks and surveys, get in touch to find out what we can do!


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