Canadians Planning to Spend 5.3% Less This Christmas

For the third consecutive year, Field Agent Canada conducted a cross-country survey to measure the planned purchases of CHRISTMAS GIFTS, DECORATIONS & HOLIDAY FOOD for the 2016 Christmas Holiday season. We asked our Agents from coast-to-coast to provide estimates of their spending on these items in 2015 and their planned purchases in 2016. A total of 1918 responses were gathered between October 7 – 12, 2016.

“Again this year, our survey shows that Canadians are planning to spend less on Christmas this year than they did last year.” says Jeff Doucette, General Manager of Field Agent Canada. “This is the third straight year that Canadians plan to tighten their spending in this key period for retailers.”

Overall, average planned Christmas expenditures are tacking to be 5.3% lower on a national basis. “These are very similar results to what we found last Christmas and indicates three years in a row of planned reduced spending on Christmas items.” said Doucette.

Consistent with other years where we have run this survey, Atlantic Canadians (and Newfoundland in particular) spends the most per capita while Quebec spends the least among the ten provinces. Planned spending ranges from $1184 in Newfoundland to just $625 in Quebec.

Read the full report here.

This year, Field Agent also partnered with its subsidiaries in other countries around the world on a wider study about Holiday Spending titled: “The Big Honkin’, Tree Toppin’, Globe Trotting’ Guide to Holiday Shoppers 2016.”

The guide is filled with fun facts about how Christmas is celebrated around the world including answers to the questions: “Who are the Top 2 Holiday Retailers in Canada?” and “Are Canadians Last Minute Shoppers or Pre-Planners?”.

“This international guide to holiday shopping is a great overview of this busy shopping period and provides insights to what environment retailers will be facing in the last few months of 2016.” stated Doucette.

How much can you expect your spouse to spend on you this year? You’ll have to read the guide to find out!


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