Big Merchandising in Small Supermarkets in Bangkok

We have all heard it or said it before. “I would love to put something like that in my stores but I just don’t have the room”.

Every Key Account Manager has had a “big idea” that died on the table with the uttering of that phrase.

During this week’s trip to Bangkok, Thailand I visited quite a few stores and was totally impressed by the big ideas that were being executed in these very small supermarkets.

Two executions at Tops Supermarkets were literally “tops”

The first was a complete category merchandising system for Dog Food by Mars’ Pedigree brand which was the exclusive supplier for the category. This retailer has opted for impressive impact and visibility for the category with well laid out POP material and stadium shelving for the product.

The second idea was a remake of the Hair Care section by Unilever’s Sunsilk brand (the largest in Thailand) involving the application of a massive floor advertising execution which transformed the standard supermarket aisle into a sleek fashion catwalk. Impossible to miss and well executed – the promotion really increased the image of the category and the store in a usually dull supermarket environment.

I am always impressed by the creativity and openness to experiment that both KAMs and Retailers exhibit in the emerging CPG markets in Asia and Eastern Europe.

We should try to emulate them as much as we can – dreaming up big ideas and actually executing on them.


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