Argopur’s Premium In-Flight Sampling

Friday night on the way home from Montreal, I used my last Air Canada upgrade of the year. It was a welcome treat after a long week and the snack served on the way to Toronto was a great cheese plate – one of my favorites.

On the tray, I found the card pictured below highlighting that the cheese was actually from Agropur – Canada’s largest dairy co-operative.

Agropur has been advertising its fine cheeses quite broadly recently and I think this well targeted sampling initiative is a great addition to the overall campaign.

Business class passengers are a truly captive audience and could be a coveted target for the right CPG brands.

Only a few have ventured here including, Lindt Chocolates and Gelato Fresco both of which have been long term partners with Air Canada.

My beef has always been that the “drive to retail” hasn’t been strong. Maybe this reflects an Air Canada policy – but hopefully they realize the potential of adding a retail component without alienating their premium passengers.

The possibilities lie beyond food as well, with personal care items being another obvious choice.

If you target high-income consumers on the go, maybe this is a platform you can leverage to get your sales flying.


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