A Special Message From Zellers

Many of you have likely seen the Zellers holiday television commercials that are on-air right now and also making the rounds on YouTube.

In our mind this is an excellent execution and a great way of getting people talking about Zellers again after almost 10 months of non-stop Target talk.

Some industry folks we have talked to think that this campaign is too little too late given the number of options Canadian shoppers will have for holiday 2012.

However, we feel these irreverent, self-deprecating ads might be a smart play at gaining extra traffic to Zellers stores on their last Christmas season.

It will also be interesting to see how the campaign’s Facebook component performs. It allows shoppers to choose the Holiday sales and even the soundtrack playing in the store – a first for major Canadian retailers.

The holiday season will look quite different in 2012 and 2013 without Zellers on the scene. Maybe these ads and some nostalgia for the distinct scent of a Zellers store will provide HBC with one last profitable holiday season for Zellers.

Watch the ads here:

Executive Managing Director

Jason The Cashier

Carol The Store Manager


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