A Cheesy Idea From Superstore

I love cheese. Maybe its the time I spent living in Paris; maybe its memories of my Mom’s homemade pizza that was dripping with Mozzarella. But I digress…

I was in my local Real Canadian Superstore recently and I noticed that they have made some great steps in helping the shopper find the cheese that they are looking for in a sea of deli products.

The signage below is great for two reasons:

  1. Big black letters on a white background make them easy to read and to spot from a distance (the Superstore section must be 24 linear feet or more)
  2. Use of flags help shoppers remember that they are looking for that Danish cheese but cannot spell (or pronounce) Havarti for their lives.
  3. Wine pairing for the shopper increase confidence and possibly basket size through purchases of complimentary products. If only Grocery stores could sell wine in the same building as food…

The signs also add a certain premium feel to the category – reminding me of the specialty cheese shop near my flat on rue Montorgueil in Paris.

I have noticed other retailers have also made similar moves recently. I think they are a step in the right direction but the execution at Superstore steals the cheese.

There are lots of other categories in the store that could better assist shoppers in navigating the category and finding the right product. Yogurt, coffee, tea and vitamins are a few that come to mind.

Have you seen other great merchandising executions? Please send them along to me and we might just feature them here.


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