7-11 Boss Goes Undercover

The third episode of CBS’s new Sunday night reality TV show “Undercover Boss” went inside the day-to-day operations of 7-11 through the eyes of President & CEO Joe DePinto.

Mr. DePinto went undercover in his own organization in an effort to understand the reality of what his employees experience in their 6,500 stores, commissaries, bakeries and distribution centres across the United States.

Much of what DePinto encounters reminded me of just how easy it is for all of us to get out of touch with what really matters at retail – the basics of execution.

From employee management, store functionality, night operations, store maintenance, working conditions, food production to distribution – Mr. DePinto had a long list of obvious changes that would help 7-11 “sell more and sell more profitably”.

The episode also made a significant focus on 7-11 front-line employees, highlighting the obvious link to executional success: Well recruited, well trained and motivated staff that face the customer each and every day.

Whether you are a retailer or a supplier to retail – we all could take a lead from Mr. DePinto and spend more time at retail instead of the boardroom.


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