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We provide an agile secret shopping service throughout Canada. Regardless of your target region, big city or small, we can have agents fulfill your mystery shopping needs very quickly and efficiently.

Our programs leverage crowd sourced secret shoppers – so there are very few limitations. Our online reporting tools return results to you in near real-time as we leverage some of the most sophisticated applications available for mystery shoppers today.

Successful retailers know that “retail is detail.” Whether you own one store or a thousand locations, ensuring that each store executes displays, promotions, signage and customer service according to standards is critical. Field Agent offers retailers leading edge technology and the power of almost 100,000 mystery shoppers across Canada to ensure that your stores are meeting or exceeding your expectations and those of your shoppers! Find out more about how Field Agent can help by selecting one of the services listed below:

The food service industry is incredibly competitive. Whether you own one restaurant or a thousand, ensuring that each location executes to your standards for food quality, cleanliness and customer service is critical. Field Agent allows you to monitor execution using leading edge technology and the power of almost 100,000 mystery shoppers across Canada. Find out more about how Field Agent can help by selecting one of the services listed below:

Brands are dependent on their retailer partners to showcase their products in-store based on agreed to shelving and promotional activity. However, execution by retailers is not living up to expectations resulting in lost sales for your brand. Measuring key problem areas such as out-of-stocks, display execution and demo execution can help you ensure you maximize trade budgets and sales for your brand. Field Agent can deploy quickly and inexpensively across Canada to get you the insights you need to better manage your business! Find out more about how Field Agent can help by selecting one of the services listed below:

We are changing the way the world
collects business information and insights

We do this by crowdsourcing data via smart devices from your customers.

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Field Agent’s mission is to gather the information and insights that you need to better manage your business in a timely and cost-effective way. Leveraging our network of 100,000 smartphone users across Canada, you can collect data starting at just $10.00 per location and cover 80% of retail in the first 72 hours after deployment. Field Agent is changing the way businesses conduct Audits, Mystery Shops and Market Research in Canada.

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Make money with your smartphone

Field Agent is a great way to make a little extra money while you are going about your daily routine. Whether you are shopping in a store, buying lunch in a restaurant or watching television at home, we have thousands of earning opportunities for Canadians each week! All you need to do is download our app to your smartphone, complete your profile and then start earning cash today.

What types of information can I collect?


Photos do say 1,000 words but what we like to say is that photos can capture 1,000 pieces of data. We use photos to verify information, capture in store experience and understand product usage.


Field Agent uses classic data collection methodologioes while incorporating technology, such as barcode scanning, to ensure quality data for large scale projects.


Similar to photos, video allows you to gather data but video also allows you to capture consumer sentiment and quotes in a way that truly tells a story.


Field Agent can perform surveys and collect opinions from anywhere. We support classic research specific question types such as Likert scale, multiple choice, multiple select, ranking, five-star rating, free form, etc.


Audio is primarily used for gathering opinion data and feedback. We have also seen cases where audio has been effective in capturing large amounts of data which is transcribed on the back-end.


While similar to opinions, we can obtain feedback differently because we can ask your core customer (based upon demographics) to provide feedback on your product or service at the Point of Influence™.

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We are Field Agent Canada

“See the Field Agent difference”

Introducing Field Agent Canada

Hi, I’m Jeff Doucette, Founder of Field Agent Canada.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit more about Field Agent.

Since 2011, Field Agent has been shaking up the audit, mystery shop and research businesses; much like Uber and AirBnB are changing the transportation and accommodation sectors.

The Best Coverage Available

Because our 100,000 “agents” live right across Canada we can cover more stores faster than traditional methods. We can start a project today and reach 80% of retail in as little as 72 hours!  

Affordable Cost

Leveraging the power of the crowd, we have squeezed out most of the overhead costs and this allows us to audits and mystery shops starting at just $10.00 per location.

Amazing Speed

Gone are the days of waiting for weeks for a report and working with out-of-date data. As information is submitted by Agents it is available through our live on-line dashboard so you always have the latest information right at your fingertips.

High Quality Data

Lower costs and faster speeds does not mean you have to sacrifice on quality. In fact, quality is our focus at Field Agent and every submission is reviewed by our Canadian QC team, who cross references date, time and GPS tracking, photos and other data points to ensure you can be confident in the high quality of Field Agent data.

My Roots are in Retail

Field Agent is not a tech company. We are a retail service provider with great tech. With more than 20 years of experience working with some of the biggest brands and retailers in Canada and around the world – I know retail. Period.

We look forward to you trying out our services. Our biggest customers today started out with small pilot projects and they became hooked on Field Agent. So will you!


Sincerely Yours


Founder, Field Agent Canada



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